Expert Chevrolet EV Service in Glendora, California

Electric cars lined up on the street charging.

Glendora Chevrolet is leading the charge in electric mobility, shining a spotlight on an impressive range of fuel-efficient and fully electric vehicles for sale in our showroom, including the forward-thinking Chevy Bolt EV and the all-new Silverado EV. For Glendora Chevy drivers and those in surrounding areas, transitioning to these innovative models brings up important questions about electric vehicle service and maintenance -- especially when it comes to things like frequency and costs.

Discover the advantages offered by Chevy EVs, such as lower maintenance costs compared to traditional gas vehicles, right here at our Glendora Chevrolet dealership. Curious about what servicing an EV entails? Keep reading as we delve into EV service insights or contact our knowledgeable team at Glendora Chevrolet for a comprehensive discussion and to schedule your service appointment today!

EV Service FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, new Chevy electric vehicles are equipped with electric motors and don't need oil changes. This advantage allows EV owners to skip this common maintenance task, saving both time and money.

Thanks to their simpler design with fewer moving parts and fluids, electric cars generally incur lower auto service costs. While routine services like tire rotations and brake inspections are still necessary, the absence of an internal combustion engine means less frequent maintenance is required.

Electric cars often offer a more economical option for servicing compared to gasoline vehicles. The lack of many maintenance-intensive components found in traditional engines translates into potential savings for EV owners over time.

Charging an electric vehicle can be quite affordable, with opportunities for free charging at select public EV stations nearby in the Glendora area or through special Chevrolet promotions. The cost of charging will vary based on local electricity rates and whether you're using public charging stations or a home EV charger.

Your Go-To Chevy EV Specialists in Glendora

For detailed information about Chevy EV service costs or to discuss the benefits of electric vehicle ownership further, don't hesitate to contact Glendora Chevrolet. We're committed to providing clear, accurate information to our customers as we embrace a more sustainable automotive future together.


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